About Us

How did Dream Proposals start?

Andrew BallantyneHi, my name’s Andrew Ballantyne and I’ve been a jeweller in Perth since 2000. What I have come to realise over the years is that most males for whom I had made engagement rings, had no idea on how they wanted to propose. Dream Proposals is a product of that realisation.

I was lucky enough to have gone to Hamilton Island for a conference in 2011 and the opportunity arose to have a flight in a helicopter. I thought wow this is extraordinary, the manoeuvrability and watching those amazing Maxi yachts coming in from their last day of racing really inspired me. From then on I wanted to get my pilot’s licence.

At the time my thought pattern was how could I incorporate a pilot’s licence and jewellery? Well the answer was simple; wedding and engagement proposals. The marriage proposal planner idea was born and this is what Dream Proposal offers today.

Dream Proposals can now help anyone plan the beginning of their lives together from the diamond engagement ring all the way to the engagement or wedding proposal. With so many marriage proposal ideas we can ensure your partner will be saying Wow and of course Yes!

A Dream Proposal should incorporate helicopters, limousines, classic hotels, special dining experiences, beautiful flowers – in fact virtually anything the happy couple desires – and I find that being able to bring this experience to people is both exciting and an absolute privilege. View our marriage proposal packages and engagement proposal packages for more information.

Mission Statement

To help men and women define the magical experience that will be the start of their extraordinary life together.