Dream Bucks – Scavenger Hunt

24 Feb 2014

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Bucks Scavenger Hunt

 Have you ever wanted to be in the Amazing Race, well here is your chance. 

 This is a fun and social event where the group is on an urban adventure that is non stop fun and brings everyone together. How much adventure you desire is customised to suit your group.

So lets begin the hunt, your first clue and starts you off, but which way will you go? Good luck, may your team have loads of fun and be the best on the day!

  • SMS navigation 
  • A great mix of fun activities, not too demanding 
  • Team based challenges and games 
  • Each team will have a team captain, a name & mascot. 
  • Backpacks, goodies and equipment 
  • Search and use the extraordinary brain power to decode puzzles. 
  • Equipped with our kit including(goodies), cameras, equipment, notes and your teams quest begins. 
  • Most unlikely locations and places to stop 
  • Brilliant puzzles to solve, teams need to be observant, able to spot locations and remember smallest details. 
  • Games to do where points are earned and Hot Spots to be found. 
  • All directions are obtained electronically without need of paper. 
  • At each leg our staff are there to interact and run some of our best games and riddles. 
  • At the end of the event we count the points and unveil the winning team. 

There are over 10 incredible games we have put together to find out who is the superior group. A list on application will be provided.

Each Event will be worth points that at the end of the day will be tallied and a prize showered on the victors!!! 

 Just like an amazing race, this is an enjoyable event where teams solve puzzles, decipher clues and complete fun activities as part of their mission from the Super Ministry of Spies. Small teams work together–sometimes in competition and sometimes in collaboration–to reach the finish line.Along the way they will find mystery locations, unusual locations of interest and fascinating nooks and crannies.

 Our Package includes:

Event host
Fully supported event with professional and trained personnel Use of SMS technology
Team hot spots and activities
Themed Event
Support material and equipment
Backpacks and nibbles
Pre-event risk assessment
Public Liability Insurance
Over 20 years experience in highly successful team building events Optional digital photo library

Price is $75 per person 

The Duration of the hunt is between 2 and 2.5 hours 

Additional options can be tailored to the group :

A drinks tab at the last pub

Transport ( Bus)

Bigger prize

Uniforms for all team members 


Stubbie holders