IMPORTANT !!!! When Writing the Words to Say While on One Knee

16 May 2013


This is it !!! You get down on one knee, pull the ring from your pocket and ………………………………………. Mental blank,

What do I say ????

This is the reason you have something prepared, not to read from a piece of paper or even have palm cards. This is just so you know what you want to say and have practiced it verbally so your mind is used to saying it. You don’t want to regret not saying something important in that special moment.


First write all the things you want to say in as long a form as you like, word for word I personally find the easiest to start with.

After this and you have read it a few times, shorten it to bullet points so it cuts in half.

Then using your bullet points start saying ( physically, feels weird at first) what you feel and what you want to say at that moment in time. Every time you say it, it will be slightly different but that’s ok.

You are still getting the guts of what you want to say and your mind is getting used to the triggers your giving it in speech. We can help you write it and be an ear for you to practice, this will give you the confidence and help you relax knowing an important task  has been taken care of.


Some of the things you may want to add are :


Special dates and what you have done.


Why you love her and want to spend the rest of your life with her.


Some funny moments you have shared together.


What you love about her.


Small things that make her unique.


You get the idea, this way the right things will come out at the right time. It will be the finishing touch which will add to that special moment  that is your shared Dream Proposal.