Bespoke Package

BespokeCongratulations on choosing our bespoke proposal experience. As all couples are different, all experiences will differ in some way, shape or form. You can add anything that will make the day truly yours. A marriage proposal should be one of the best moments of your life!

Think of this as a blank canvas where we can work with you to create whatever experience you desire.

The bespoke package is usually chosen by people who have an idea how they wish to propose but would like some guidance in how to add that special touch. With our guidance, Dream Proposals can help you make the good into great as well as giving your loved one that special moment she has always dreamed of.

There are many other things to think of, Dream Proposals will help you with everything from what to say at the time on one knee ( and a listening ear for you to practice) to any customs that you need to know.. Dream Proposals will go through everything with you and help you every step of the way.

Being qualified in jewellery and engagement ring design in Perth, Dream Proposals can help you pick the perfect diamond as well as designing your unique engagement ring. With the mind field of picking diamonds, Dream Proposals will educate you and help you pick that perfect gemstone.

Its always good to have a backup plan so with you, Dream Proposals will have all bases covered taking the anxiety out of the day. The day is also about you having fun and enjoying the moment, so let us worry about that and you just relax and marvel in your creative brilliance. 

Please check our article ” The Ways Dream proposals can Work With You” for more detailed information  and pricing.

Please fill out our booking page or give Dream Proposals a call and we can start piecing together such an important moment in your life.