Saving you time and money

06 Sep 2013

Saving TIme and Money

Not only does Dream Proposals take out the anxiety and stress from your proposal, we also save you time and money.

Your time is valuable, organizing so many different facets in a marriage proposal is very time consuming. If you add to this all the hours of research into what is available and what you decide to do, it starts to add up.

Once you have an idea of your marriage proposal you will need to get an engagement ring, This can fill in hours of time looking through designs if you want a handmade ring or driving around looking in jewellery stores until you find that right design if that’s what you would prefer.

When you have found the perfect ring whether it’s in-store or on the internet ( a dangerous way to buy a diamond and I wouldn’t recommend it ) then you will need to know what a good diamond is and what is it’s true market value. This can be very tricky with some stone’s having different certificates to other’s, but Dream Proposals can not only help you with this but educate you so you know exactly what you are looking at. This alone could save you thousands and make sure you get a quality stone at the right price. 

Dream Proposals can negotiate all this for you from venue’s, chauffer’s, photographers and anything else, to your all important engagement ring. We know people in these field’s to make sure you get the right people at the right price. 

Please give Dream Proposals a call on (O8) 6143 0425 or fill in our booking page for an obligation free consultation and let us save you time and money in one of the most important moments in your life.