Six questions you must know the answers to when organising an engagement ring!

25 Mar 2013

Diamond Ring

When you have finally made the very important decision to take the plunge, there are certain things you are going to need to know when purchasing an engagement ring.

  • What colour stone (for the engagement ring) does she like?
  • Does she want multiple stones or just one central stone?
  • What size and shape of stone does she like?
  • What colour gold does she wear? (White, yellow or rose)
  • What is her finger size?
  • Does she like a claw setting or a bezel?

Hey no one said this would be easy, but with maximum effort comes maximum reward. Once you have this information, leave the rest to Dream Proposals and let the magic begin.

Here’s a tip. Her girlfriends or sisters will know most of this stuff, but if you want to keep it a secret from everyone, then you’ll have to drop some subtle questions and be very observant. GOOD LUCK.