Terms, Conditions and Answers for Inflight Magazine Advert

10 Jun 2013

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Inflight magazine advert terms and conditions

  1. 1)  A full proposal experience has to be booked and payed in full.

  2. 2)  An engagement ring has to be purchased from Dream Proposals and payed in full.

  3. 3)  Engagement ring and proposal has to be payed in full one month before the date of

    marriage proposal.

  4. 4)  Dream proposals terms of service have to be adhered to in full and signed by the client.

  5. 5)  Proof of crossword completion has to be shown

Answers to crossword in skippers inflight magazine

1) Breeze 2)Memorable 4)Anxious 5)Chamagne 7)Limousine 8)Father

Across: 3)Facebook 6)Blank 9)Engagement 10)Website 11)Stress 12)Diamond