The Ways Dream Proposals can Work With You

24 Feb 2014



The ways Dream Proposals can work with you

At Dream Proposals we can work with you in three different levels. This way you get the help you need no matter how involved you would like us to be.

Level 1 : Crunching a Concept

Dream Proposals will work with you to put together the perfect concept. Using our superior knowledge of what the realms of possibility are in Perth, we can use what ideas you have with ours to make sure your special day is perfect.
There is no time limit on this, we will keep working with you until you are %100 happy with how your Dream Proposal will play out.

Price : $197

*  Will meet with you to brain storm your ideas and add ideas from our experience
*  Go through our questionnaires to really get a great feeling of what you and your partner are like.
*  Unlimited phone calls and emails to make sure your proposal is perfect
*  A clear concept and plan with step by step instructions
* Free engagement ring design

Level 2 : Concept and Organisation

Once the concept has been finalised, Dream proposals will find and choreograph all vendors, pick up all equipment and products and will have them ready to be picked up in one area or are more than happy to drop off anywhere in the metro region.

Price : $397

*  All of Crunching a Concept

* Will organise all vendors from photographers, videographers, hire companies, flowers,chauffeurs, venues or anything else that needs to be used to make your day perfect.*

* Will pick up all inventory and products from vendors*

 * Will deliver everything to a destination of choice (metro only) or to a place that can be picked up at your most convenient time. 


Level 3 : Concept, Organisation and Implementation

Once the concept in finalised and everything has been organised, Dream Proposals is there to make sure everything is set up perfectly. We will go and survey the area prior to the day and make a plan so everything fits and looks perfect.
We will confirm all vendors will be on time ( Photographers, Videographers, Caterers) as well as being there at the end to clean up and take all inventory back to hire places .
Having that peace of mind that everything is in the hand of professionals, if anything goes wrong on the day we can implement a back up plan or use our expert opinion if anything needs to be changed at a very short notice.
Price $697, 30% surcharge on public holidays
* Everything in Crunching a Concept
* Everything in Organisation
* Surveying of Proposal Venue
* Setup of Dream Proposal
* Confirm all vendors
* Choreograph all vendors on the day
* Clean up and take down of Dream Proposal * Be there to implement backup plan
* Take back of all hire equipment 
For more information please contact us at, or fill in a booking form and we will be in contact with you at your most convenient time.