Tips You Need To Know When Keeping Your Marriage Proposal Secret

16 May 2013

Perth Fireworks

Here are a few rookie mistakes as well as a few handy tips to consider when you want to keep your dream proposal a secret.


1)  When organizing the big, day don’t use your credit card or anything else that she could possibly trace.

Doing this will only cause lots of under handed questions targeted at getting as much information out of you as possible.

This also included receipts, bank statements and the deletion of any phone calls that are relevant to the proposal.


2)  Don’t tell anyone who is related or friends with her because this will definitely let the cat out of the bag.

Maybe confide in your best mate for a bit of help or even better a third party like Dream Proposals, that way your secret will always be safe.


3)  If she suspects something throw a few decoys, if you never take her to dinner or nights away then when the time comes she will know. Take her out a few times doing something out of routine, this way she’ll always be guessing and the surprise factor will still be there.


     4)   Hide the ring where she wont go snooping, somewhere like your cricket bag or old greasy tool box in the shed, anywhere in the house is her domain……. And she will find it.

Think of  places that are your domain, nothing like home ground advantage.


5)    Keep your cool, don’t get all nervous and start acting differently leading up to or on the day. This will give it away, they smell fear. Get rid of the nerves, go exercise or anything else that relaxes you.


With these tips in order, she will have the surprise of her life .

Just remember with impeccable planning and great effort, comes great reward.